CREAM encourages the coming together of creatives to exchange ideas and support each other in any possible way. Unlike other art platforms, CREAM not only celebrates emerging art, but acts as a collective melting pot drawing creatives from around the world.

Founded by Athens-London based artist and curator Nia Hefe Filiogianni; with a firm London base, CREAM is actively engaged with art by organising workshops, monthly creatives' meet-ups, gallery tours and exhibitions in Central London and Greece. 

Empowerment through art and visual pleasure are the key elements of CREAM's aesthetic. Through this ethos, CREAM harnesses the power of art, to excite and to awaken. 

We support emerging and established artists and offer development opportunities to individuals within our creative community.

Our mission 

In 2017, CREAM organised 12-monthly creative meet ups in central London which brought together members from across of our multidisciplinary creative community, inviting guest participation which further ushered in a new, and dynamic discursive platform, establishing a network for the exchange of ideas.

This organic growth led the way to CREAM Athens’ successful debut London exhibition in June 2018 entitled: ‘Neoprotofeminist’ in collaboration with Creative Debuts. This exhibition showcased 15 artists, 1 fashion designer, 4 magazines with a host of events and activities surrounding the exhibition.

This inaugural presentation sold over 500 tickets in just one week and well over 600 visitors throughout its duration. A fine blend of international and local spectatorship as well as extensive coverage including HOT SAUCE and FAB UK to boot; the successes of ‘Neoprotofeminist’ resonated across a wide range audiences, further igniting anticipation for the next. So here we are.

Nia Hefe Filiogianni  Founder, Artistic and Executive Director

Halime Ozdemir  Art Advisor

George Petsikopoulos Art handing

Sofia Fotaki Coordinator

Christina Anagnostou Administrator

For general enquiries info@creamathens.com

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