About us

Founded in 2017 by Athens-London-based creative director, artist, and art coach, Nia Hefe Filiogianni; with a firm London base, Cream Athens is actively engaged with the art world by providing consultation services, and by organising exhibitions, workshops, events, and activities for different purposes. 

We strengthen communities and encourage the coming together of creatives in exchanging ideas and, bringing significant change to the art world. Our aim is to support emerging and established artists and provide development opportunities through group or tailored coaching and consultation workshops, as well as by working with galleries, brands, and different partners across the globe. Empowerment through art and visual pleasure are the key elements of our aesthetics. Through this ethos, Cream Athens harnesses the power of art, to excite and awaken.

Our services

We provide consultation services and development opportunities for emerging and established artists. We organise exhibitions, workshops, and events for different purposes. If you are an artist, please send us your portfolio at info@creamathens.com. If you are a business, please send us details of your project and we will find the perfect plan to support you. 

Our mission

In 2017, Cream Athens organised monthly creative meet-ups in central London which brought together members from across our multidisciplinary creative community. Inviting guest participation, further ushered in a new and dynamic discursive platform, establishing a network for the exchange of ideas.

This organic growth led the way to the successful debut London exhibition in June 2018 entitled ‘The Neoprotofeminist’ in collaboration with Creative Debuts. This exhibition showcased 15 artists and 4 magazines with a host of events and activities surrounding the exhibition. This inaugural presentation sold hundreds of tickets in just one week and brought visitors from all over the world throughout its duration. A fine blend of international and local spectatorship as well as extensive coverage including Vogue, She's Got Wonder, and FAB UK to boot; the successes of ‘The Neoprotofeminist’ resonated across a wide range of audiences, further igniting anticipation for the next.

Our history proves our expertise in art consultancy, exhibitions, and collaborations with organisations, collectors, and brands. We are thankful to every single person that supported and trusted us throughout all these years.

Support us

By supporting Cream Athens, you contribute to our mission of helping artists of different backgrounds. Since 2017 we proudly promote emerging art in different parts of the world and let new voices be heard. We wouldn't be able to do this without the support of organisations, collectors, and brands. 

Get in touch info@creamathens.com

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