Epi K. Paradox

By CREAM ATHENS   |   December 2021 


Epi K. Paradox, Photo © Michalis Gonalakis

What we need to know about you? How would you describe yourself?

I am a guitarist/singer/songwriter/producer born in Chania, Crete. I lived in London between 2014 and 2019, where I got my Bachelors degree in Popular Music Performance and Masters in Music industry Management & Artist Development from BIMM London and London College of music, respectively. 

I currently live in Athens, Greece where I am about to continue expanding my network and evolving through my music. My debut album “I’ll Take The Long Road” was released on September 27th, 2019, while I am about to release my new concept EP “Out of The Blue” on December 17th, 2021. Lastly, my second studio album is on the works for 2022.

What’s integral for you when making your music?

Firstly and foremost, my guitar is my “weapon of choice”. Other than that, DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) like Logic Pro X, Ableton etc. is an indispensable part of my creative process, as this is the way I work on most of my demos before I get in the studio to record them with the group.

I have "I’ll take the long road" on repeat, I am not going to lie. Talk about this album and what is the inspiration behind the work?

“I’ll Take The Long Road” is my debut album, which is, in a sense, an introductory album to the audience. To be honest, I recorded some tracks of the album in June 2018, just because I was tired of listening to them on the demo versions and I just wanted to see their potential in the studio. “I’ll Take The Long Road” is the result of eight songs I wrote and recorded in different periods of my life, other than an album which was about to be released with strict deadlines or a specific objective.

Epi K. Paradox - Prelude (Official Audio)

Guitar & Vocals: Epi K. Paradox Hammond, Organ: Dimitris Dimopoulos, Bass: Ryan Windross, Drums: Ally McDougal, Music by Epi K. Paradox. Recorded at Buffalo Studios in London. Mixed & Produced by JB Pilon. Mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Sean Magee.

What is the process you follow when writing a new song? Tell us all your secrets.

Most of the songs I write come either out of the blue, when picking up my guitar, or when I listen to a song that triggers my inspiration. As far as lyrics are concerned, I usually write some titles which come to mind on a notepad and following that title I decide what is going to be the lyrical theme.

I try to be “stylistically appropriate” when writing lyrics. For example, when I need lyrics for a slow blues ballad, I am not writing something like “I am walking on sunshine” or “How happy can one man be”, as the slow blues ballads usually discuss matters of heartbreak, loss or discomfort.

Which parts of yourself do you need to break up with?

My procrastination of course!

Epi K. Paradox, Photo © Vasilis Pramateftakis

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Best piece of advice I’ve been given is from my first guitar teacher and mentor, which is actually too technical, but it’s true. “Chords bring food on the table”!

What should we expect from you in 2022?

A new album definitely and more live gigs, if the current situation with the pandemic will let us perform again, as we used to back in the good old days.

Epi K. Paradox presents "I'll take the long road" live @ SIX D.O.G.S

Director: Roussos Kasiotakis, Cinematography: Nefeli Ntakozoudi and Yorgos Koutsaliaris, Colour Grading: Yorgos Koutsaliaris, Recorded: George Varkaroli, Mixed and Produced: Jean-Baptiste 'JB' Pilon     

Are there any strong realisations during the pandemic?

Take nothing for granted and just live in the moment. Time goes fast!

What title would you give to this chapter of your life?

Chasing The Blues Away.

Which are your favourite 3 songs this period?

  • Hermanos Gutiérrez - Western Bronco 
  • D’Angelo - Unshaken
  • Scott McKeon - Fight No More

Epi K. Paradox Live: BarFly Sessions, BarFly in Chania, Crete(Official Video)

Guitar / Lead Vocals: Epi K. Paradox, Bass: Lefteris Papadakis, Drums: Pantelis Kiassos. Direction, Editing, Camerawork: Nektarios Pogkas, Lighting, Production, Sound Engineering: έναΔύο Πολυμέσα, Mixing / Mastering: Stefan Olofsson

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