Fungai Marima

By CREAM ATHENS    |     March 2021 

Fungai Marima © courtesy of the artist

What do we need to know about the work you are exhibiting at Not Applicable?

The work was created in the hope to observe body movement and layering of bodies through the exploration of different materials, from the corporeal body, the documented projected body and how that has an effect on how the female body has been perceived as an object and far removed from the flesh and it’s spiritual significance and how seeing the/my bodies is almost a discovery of self.  I was also influenced in particular by Kiki Smith’s  ‘La Animas’ work.

How do you interpret the term ‘Not Applicable’? 

'Not Applicable' is a rejection of the norm, an ownership of disclosing what you need to without pressure from other sources and being in control of your voice. I believe during the pandemic there has been a pressure to achieve as if under normal circumstances, and a call to be super productive and show that on social platforms in order to stay engaged with the outside world. 'Not Applicable' provides a space to give yourself the permission to work at your own pace, and have ownership over your own state of mind and body.

What’s the best part about your practice?

The experimentation and exploration of various material such as paper and how materials respond to each other.

What’s integral to your work as an artist?

Revealing or bringing to surface often silenced issues within our communities, and the impact that has on our cultural identities. I’m intrigued by the traces that are left behind regarding issues of domestic violence and child abuse and how that influences how we perceive ourselves and the environment around us.

Which artists have been your big influences?

Zanele Muholi, Ana Mendieta, Anthony Gormley, Marina Ambramovic and Claudette Johnson to mention a few.

Fungai Marima © courtesy of the artist

What wouldn’t you do without?

My freedom of expression, yes we all have limitations based on what we value and have access to, but not being able to create freely or speak freely will be something that would make me very uncomfortable.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Be kind always. When you’re at the beginning of selling your work, don’t use that money to spend on clothes unless it’s to support you and your family.  Use it to for your work, materials etc. Keep your head down and do the work.

What piece of advice would you give?

Be kind. Whatever you do, do it with love. 

Recommend 3 books.

The Body Keeps The Score, by Bessel Van der Kolk – an experienced psychoanalyst talks about how our environment and experiences have an impact on our bodies emotionally and physically.

Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke – great reminder when you have those foggy days of doubt, that you are enough and your voice is enough too.

Any books and articles on different cultures to expand my knowledge on what identity is and means, I’m currently reading books on Zimbabwean customs.

What is your biggest goal for 2021?

To continue making artwork and writing more.

Fungai Marima © courtesy of the artist

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