George Petsikopoulos

By CREAM ATHENS    |    April 2021 

George Petsikopoulos © courtesy of the artist

What do we need to know about the work you are exhibiting at Not Applicable?

The pieces I chose to participate with, I found that best depict my reality at the present time and engage the idea of the exhibition. A mineral mud dye panel from my ‘bogolan: indelible mark series’, remarking on the power of artistic passion. And an Indigo dyed and stitched panel ftom my ‘flag series’ which comments on the Brexit, Post-Brexit situation.

How do you interpret the term ‘Not Applicable’? 

I believe that ‘Not applicable’ has to do with all the restrictions that we are forced to follow since the outbreak of the pandemic. Things we used to take for granted but are not available at the moment.

What’s the best part about your practice?

I would say my connection with nature and to meet artists that share similar passions. It’s refreshing and it boosts my creativity.

What’s integral to your work as an artist?

Research and knowledge of materials/techniques. Being multidisciplinary as an artist adds more options in your arsenal, meaning more ways to express. Also working with my hands, whithout saying I don’t enjoy the conceptual part as much.

George Petsikopoulos © courtesy of the artist

What does colour mean to your art?

I use colours in symbolic ways and not merely for a pleasing aesthetic outcome. For me colour is a feeling or a mood. Another aspect of my work involves sourcing colours, considering I use natural dyes which you can’t find in an art store. Working with natural dyes, you have to get familiarized with alternative sources of colour to create your palette.. leaves, tree bark, seeds, flowers or rind to name a few.

How do you choose the themes/subjects in your works?

There is not a specific recipe, I use subjects that give me ‘space’ to create some sort of visual narrative. Usually I draw my inspiration from Greek mythology, proverbs, folk tales and of course present sociopolitical issues.

What’s a non-negotiable in your life and way of working?

Discipline and time. Time is the only thing I have for granted so it has to be well spent and by discipline I mean being dedicated.

What do you dislike about the art world?

Hypocrisy, exploitation, fakeness and arrogance cover most of the art world unfortunate encounters. It’s disappointing to see all of the above prevail.

Teach us something we don’t know.

You can use ripe bananas to feed the bacteria of an indigo fermentation vat.

What's next for 2021-22?

I recently started a dye-plant farming project; the idea is to promote sustainable sources and to expand into a small collective, delivering workshops and spreading awareness. Also travelling to acquire some new techniques for my practice, I have been missing that a lot during the pandemic.

George Petsikopoulos © courtesy of the artist

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