Kleopatra Tsali

By CREAM ATHENS    |   May 2021 

Kleopatra Tsali © courtesy of the artist

What do we need to know about the work you are exhibiting at Not Applicable?

The sculpture I am exhibiting in the show is part of an installation entitled 'My house is in the middle of nowhere'  that focuses on the idea of dwelling. The drawing is part of the project 'Survival Kit' that I am currently working and focuses on the idea of travelling. So it’s like changing the focus from the idea of inner space to the idea of the outer space. 

How do you interpret the term ‘Not Applicable’? 

Before the pandemic we knew that something was wrong with the way we lived, some things did not work properly. Along with all the difficulties and loss that this period carries, it led light to the fact that our normalcy was not so normal, it did not apply to us and we just ran and did other things. We now have the opportunity to redefine our lives. To apply with ourselves and the others.

Which artists have been your big influences?

Irini Gonou, Rosa Iliou (my grandmother), Kiki Smith

What’s the best part about your practice?

Being alone in the studio, working, thinking, reading, working.

How do you choose the themes in your works?

I draw inspiration from my everyday life, what I am experiencing in the current moment, what I see around me and the potential of it to be transformed into story.

Kleopatra Tsali © courtesy of the artist

How is an artist copping through the pandemic?

By creating meanings, by communicating his/her work in any possible way. 

Which things do you remind yourself every morning?

To brush my teeth, show my love, not to be so much in front of a screen. 

What makes you angry?

People hurting people 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?


Which are your favourite 3 songs this period?

1. DinosaurRaveParty, Central Pozitronics

2. Paper Planes, Daisuke Tanabe

3. Barefoot in the Park, James Blake and Rosalia 

Kleopatra Tsali © courtesy of the artist

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