By CREAM ATHENS    |    April 2021 

Lune82 & Sober5083r © courtesy of the artists

What do we need to know about the work you are exhibiting at Not Applicable?

Not Applicable and my work are related to the extent that they try to focus at the same subject from different points of view. A glitch in the matrix we live can create a dialogue with yourself and the environment which is not supposed to be done from your regular perception of reality. You can control your focus and your inner and outer vision, as you can focus a specific frame of an artwork or see the whole picture of it, but perceive the layers of it at the same time.

To perceive the fundamental value of the artwork is a way to bring awareness to the mind in ways of different visions reality that are not supposed to be there. A broader eyesight for the viewer to appreciate his own core values.

How do you interpret the term ‘Not Applicable’? 

Today's society and civilisation is based on fast technology, vast visual information flood without real knowledge, repetitive life without real purpose, lost human values and more corporate value. The systemic grid is taking us away from our true nature. The real question is how do we interpret this distorted reality?

What does colour mean to your art?

Colour from the beginning of my graffiti and my art path, was and it will be a basic tool of self expression. Colors have a language of their own; the viewer can have his own visual journey every time he faces an artwork. Using the appropriate colour every time for every artwork is really essential for me and the end result. I really enjoy the whole color synthesis, it is a life - giving process for me. 

How do you choose the theme in your works?

I really enjoy lettering quotes and visual language, so based on these two principles I lay out my concept depending if it is a commisioned work, a mural at a festival or a wall for my own pleasure, then I choose the theme accordingly. I get inspired by poems or songs or the social norms of my time, so I can visualize my opinion at my artwork. The color schemes are mostly created based  on my inspiration.

Lune82 © courtesy of the artist

How is an artist copping through the pandemic?

I will state my opinion for my country first. At the moment there is no financial or any beneficial help from the state, as even if the artists don't contribute on this type of society. With the market closed, the majority of the people locked inside their safety zone and their houses which makes it really hard for an artist to have a good income in order to live properly and produce his art without the stress of survival. 

An artist must be well connected at the online art platforms, and well presented on social media. This phenomenon contributes to focus more at the social media and less on art when in reality there more free time to actually produce more work.  The difficult part is to find the right balance on these two; all this noise from reality can be really frustrating and have major impact on our psychology. 

What title would you give to this chapter of your life?

'A river of crimson'.

What do you dislike about the art world?

Fake artists and internet artists that present themselves as real artists. Social media can give at any person an outlet to call themselves anything they want. Even on known galleries you can see works of these poser fake artists; it is crazy how the internet and the good marketing can create value to a person that does not know the basics about art but we all know it is a common systemic notion to distort the viewer's perception. Good marketing can sky rocket any artwork or artist.  

What piece of advice would you give?

Never stop questiong the world and never stop the struggle for creation and progress! 

Which are your favourite 3 songs this period?

Welcome to Nocturne city, Pertubator

Discourse is Dead, Architects

Gave it to em, The Lox

What 2020 was for you?

A life changing year and a challenging experience to overcome myself to confront me and my inner fears and to become a more better person and an artist. Destruction and creation is a known process for every artist. Adaptation and progress are inevitable. My vision is becoming more clear day by day and gives me the motive to push harder and harder every time! 

Lune82 © courtesy of the artist

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