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Open call 2022 | Remedy

£30.00 GBP

We are delighted to announce our fourth release entitled Remedy and invite artists to submit work for our upcoming digital show. In a year in which the world faced numerous global challenges, a theme emerged from the search data; the global pursuit of healing and finding a way forward. A remedy can be a treatment that relieves pain or cures a condition, or a way of correcting something or solving a problem. 

How to heal, how to stay strong, how to take care of your mental health, how to be resilient.

According to Google, 2021 was a year of seeking out reassessment, reflection, and growth and within that year the world searched for affirmations and ways to come back stronger more than ever before. An affirmation can be any positive phrase or statement used to challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts and has been shown to have positive benefits. Self-affirmation has been demonstrated to lower stress and rumination and can decrease health-deteriorating stress.

The intense grief and loneliness felt around the world, as well as the pain of ongoing inequity, have become lasting reminders of how much we need each other, not just for comfort and support, but to face challenges that require our collective action to solve. Artists worldwide are invited to submit their work and inspire new audiences. Submissions will be consciously selected by a jury of prominent art professionals and the selected artists will have the opportunity to be part of a ground-breaking digital show that will open its virtual doors in December 2022.

Submission Deadline: 22 November 2022
Exhibition dates: 22 December 2022 - 02 February 2023

Once the purchase is complete, please send us an email at with the following:

1. Full name (if your full name is different than the one used for the payment, please add both)
2. Short bio
3. Website link or portfolio in PDF format
4. Link to your IG account
5. Attach 3-10 images of the work(s) you would like to submit for the show


  • All national and international artists evidencing a reputable and committed artistic career are invited to submit their work
  • All mediums are accepted, such as painting, drawing, photography, installation, sculpture, video and sound art
  • There is no limitation on how many projects or how many images per project you will submit. Please label your files as name_surname_title_year_medium_dimensions.jpg
  • There are no restrictions in the dimensions of work submitted
  • Work can be available for sale during the exhibition (not obligatory)
  • Selected artists will be informed if they were successful via mail in November 2022

Commission and fees 

  • Cream Athens works on a non-profit basis. This is why we do not take any commission from the sales during our shows. Earnings from all artwork sales will go 100% towards the artists
  • Our team is committed in helping artists flourish. For this reason we will be also offering Instagram takeovers, newsletter features and online interviews to the artists that will submit they work for the show
  • A small contribution fee of £30 (VAT included) will be asked during the application process. The respective funds will be used to promote the artist's work online as well as include prestigious art professionals in the process and will thus foster the exhibition’s scope further within the creative industry. Please note that the fee is per artist and not per artwork
  • Cream Athens is responsible for the curation and organisation of the exhibition and workshops, print materials, marketing and promotion

About Cream Athens 

Cream Athens is actively engaged with the art world by providing consultation services, and by organising exhibitions, workshops, events, and activities for different purposes.
We are non-profit. We strengthen communities and encourage the coming together of creatives in exchanging ideas and offer support in any possible way.
Our aim is to support emerging and established artists and provide development opportunities through group or tailored coaching and consultation workshops, as well as by working with galleries, brands, and different partners across the globe. Empowerment through art and visual pleasure are the key elements of our aesthetic. Through this ethos, Cream Athens harnesses the power of art, to excite and to awaken.


If you have any questions please send us an email at Thank you in advance for your application and we wish you the best of luck!

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