By CREAM ATHENS    |   May 2021 

Lune82 & Sober5083r © courtesy of the artists

What do we need to know about the work you are exhibiting at Not Applicable?

This work is the result of a newly found friendship which led us to experiment by combining our very different approaches to design and form. We tried to marry different ideas where strict minimalistic lines come in contrast with maximalist beveled shapes to observe the reaction.

How do you interpret the term ‘Not Applicable’?

It is very important to remind ourselves that value is not solely defined by mass appreciation as we tend to forget because of our fixation to social media. Artists really struggle to maintain focus on their personal style and not be affected by trends. It is something I think we should recognize when artists break the norm and do what their heart tells them to do because it is a very difficult and courageous task.

What’s the best part about your practice?

The neverending potential of experimentation. 

Sober5083r © courtesy of the artist

What does colour mean to your art?

I am drawn to the feeling of void that black and white creates.

Which artists have been your big influences?

I’m influenced by a variety of artists, some of them are: Theo van Doesburg, Josef and Anni Albers, Peter Struycken, Bridget Riley, Piet Mondrian, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ryoji Ikeda, Jason Revok, Demsky J., Felipe Pantone.

What title would you give to this chapter of your life?


What parts of yourself do you need to break up with?

Imposter syndrome.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Take your time and have fun with your creations. -Bob Ross

Sober5083r © courtesy of the artist

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