TerreApie | Performance by Irzzy

Saturday 7 Jan 2023 | 11-12pm
TAF | The Art Foundation Normanou 5, Monastiraki 
Free admission 

Join us on a therapeutic ritual performed by the artist Irzzy (Eirini Theodosi) and writer and producer Eleni Stefanou as an adaptation of primordial healing ceremonies of indigenous cultures. In the absence of communal experiences, viewers are invited to witness the artist's healing but to also co-experience and connect through this common therapeutic process.

Performance description

The title of the artwork comes from the words terre (french: earth) and therapy.  A clay cocoon imitates the texture and cavities of the sea rocks on which the artist countless times has found her own grounding, her own healing. 

Entering the cocoon is like returning to the womb. In this ceramic capsule, time stops and feels like meddling with space for the person entering. Inside the cocoon, the artist experiences the feeling of returning to the unconscious center, connecting with the energy of the earth and feeling safe again. 

The presence of a sound therapist, who will form part of the performance and will be playing a set of Himalayan bowls, will help the artist alter her state of consciousness through grounding sounds. 

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