BIRTH, 2022

Metal print
19.6 x 29.5 in


About the work

"Birth" is the first photo of the series “A nymph is born”, born as a new self, a new woman who love herself as she is, with her flaws. The aim of this work is to offer to the model a different view except the one they have for themselves; to remind them how beautiful they are in their natural body. As in birth from our mothers, we where inside a belly in a wet environment and naked waiting to take our first breath out and then we were born, alone.

About the artist

Haotique (Piyi Daniilidi) was born and raised in Athens. She is holding a Bachelor in Fine Arts and a Master’s in Digital Communication and Social Media. Her primary medium is photography and her theme is nude art, especially female bodies, in an attempt to present it in it’s natural state, detaching it from the stereotypes it has been historically entrapped in through objectification and purification alike. She has participate in many group exhibitions and her work has been published in YUSRA magazine with title “ΣΙΚΣ ΠΙΚΣ”.

Instagram @_haotique
Website behance.net/haotique



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