Holly Kay Silius

 LILIAN, 2022

Limited edition 3D printed sculptures
50 x 33 x 26 cm
19.6 x 13 x 10.2 in


*Available to buy in parts or a set. SOMOS evolve 128 resin and tin-silver and epoxy coat spray soon clear with tint.

*Please note that the 3D printed sculptures are available in silver and gold. For the hologram or a custom colour option there is an 8-week lead time. 

About the work

'Lilian' stands for a series of body renders and wearable 3D printed body sculptures inspired by Georgia O'Keefe and the artist's love of nature. Sketches, skin paint, renders and photography led to the final physical pieces made in gold and silver with more colour options available upon request. 

About the artist

Holly Silius’ work responds to traditional, restricted representations of the human body from European art history. Her body of work explores the human form, both raw and adorned, from body cast stone sculptures to masks and wearable body jewellery. The duality of raw and adorned mirrors Silius’ background in fine art and SFX. Silius’ work is a joyful push-back against tradition, celebrating the beauty of the human body, whether unfiltered or embellished.

Instagram @studio.silius @hollysilius
Website hollysilius.com



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