Harsimran Juneja

DENZEL, 2021

Emulsions, acrylics, oil sticks and oil pastels on canvas
150 x 90 cm
60 x 36 in


About the work

Denzel is a painting from a body of work titled ‘In Search of Self’ where Harsimran reflects on his own personality by looking at others. Not much as a comparison as much as an acceptance of a personal conflict between desires and reality. Harsimran paints a portrait of the character Denzel Washington from the movie American Gangster as a hybrid figure almost as if he rejects the notions of his identity, suggested or built by others. In the process, Harsimran contemplates his chosen path, attempting to answer questions about who he is, who he wants to be?

About the artist

Born in 1995, Harsimran lives and works in Ahmedabad, India. Harsimran keenly explores the effects of conflicts experienced living in different societies, on the human condition. Through texts, drawings and paintings, he records his observations in the form of works that sit between narrative and abstract or figurative and abstract. Harsimran has participated in multiple shows around the world and he recently had two virtual solo shows by Terrain.art and Gallery Mui.

Instagram @harsimranjuneja 
Website hcjarts.com



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