Ioannis Markakis

HYMN TO LIBERTY (National anthem of Greece), 2022

Acrylic on canvas
170 x 134 cm
66.2 x 52.7 in


About the work

This work is a visual journal of the artist's military service as a way to survive the loss of individuality. The letters that designate buildings in army camps are made by conscripts. The boundary between letters and rigorous geometry gets blurred and the human element is traced in the details and 'errors'. Do verses lose their shine and their status in this version -or, conversely, are they enhanced even more?

About the artist

Ioannis Markakis is a Greek multidisciplinary artist based in Athens. Focusing mainly on subjects around our perception of reality and time, matter and infinity, quantum physics and the universe, life and death while also looking at sociopolitical issues, he turns ideas into comprehensive projects. Repetitiveness, scalability and the switch between singular and plural are familiar motifs in his practice. The persistent quest for 'collectible' objects which are constantly archived and re-contextualized is what charts this path along which new meanings constantly arise and take shape.

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