Lila Boutari Lalaouni


Stitching and Ink on canvas
190 x 70 cm
74.8 x 27.5 in


About the work

Rock Formation, inspired by weathered rock formations by the seaside is a representation of the scars of time as seen in nature. The forces of earth: waves, wind and salt, leave their imprint on the coastline and form unique rock shapes that speak of the passing of time. The work is made by stitching together different sizes of scrap canvases, creating the illusion of fragments, with ink  to represent the flowing movement of water in an ever changing landscape.

About the artist

Lila Boutari Lalaouni is a Greek artist, born and raised in Athens, Greece. She holds a BA in Fine Arts  from Wimbledon College of Arts. Her art practice is based around seascapes and rock formations and now she lives and works in Athens, a location that helps her practice. Lila Boutari Lalaouni now also works at the contemporary Arts Gallery, Eleftheria Tseliou. Her latest exhibition was at the Espacio Gallery in London. 

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