Child of Difficulty


Print on paper
42 x 59.4 cm
16.5 x 23.3 in

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About the work

An image of a carpet printed onto paper to create a printable carpet. The carpet’s purpose is to be printed and used, and reprinted once overused or destroyed. Allowing the artwork to sit in the collection of an individual or organization would be a misuse of its purpose, which is why the artwork’s file is available to download for free. Print on A2 cardboard paper, remember to follow the care instructions, and lastly, if the carpet is ruined then reprint.

Download your own printable carpet

About the artist

Child of Difficulty is a conceptual/text artist currently living in Cyprus. Having only developed a strong interest in the arts less than a year ago, he is still learning and experimenting to see exactly what feels right. His on-going work revolves around text, self-referencing art, and questions, with almost all of the work being printed on paper, as it’s the most accessible medium to convey ideas. His stop motion short film titled The Incident was recently selected for the upcoming Animattikon Film Festival. 

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Lila Boutari Lalaouni


Lefteris Delimpasis 

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