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Following the success of our inaugural 2019-20 edition, we are delighted to announce our next show entitled Not Applicable.

Not applicable stands for the appreciation of value that is currently not focused in the spotlight of society’s attention. The objective is to challenge our daily lives and create conversations on the things that are supposed to free us but end up enslaving us. We live in an era where the need to do things quickly doesn't allow us to pause and reflect. We search for instant gratification, ending up losing control to first line actions and reactions. Our attention is switched, reducing our efficiency and skills, making us unable to concentrate on one thing at a time.

The selected artists are exploring various ways of challenging current norms with works that interrupt our impulsive behaviours and suggest new approaches or bring back traditional ways of working that have faded during the years. 


Curated by Nia Hefe Filiogianni

Ting Cheng

Ting Cheng is a Taiwanese artist who lives and works in London and Taipei. She holds an MA in Image and Communication from Goldsmiths university in London. Her work reflects the relationship between nature and the human, using sculpture and photography. She has been featured in numerous magazines and online media including Dazed Digital, Neon Magazine, and Bloomberg Businessweek. 

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Antonios Fikos

Fikos is a painter and muralist from Greece. At the age of 13, he started studying Byzantine painting in Athens. He invented the term “Contemporary Byzantine Painting”, and combined his traditional style with contemporary themes and Street Art. Amongst his murals is the largest mural in history of Greek-Byzantine art (46m high) and indoor murals at ETH Zurich University. His focus is on the ways traditional arts can revive and serve the contemporary world.

Kathryn Graham

Kathryn Graham (b. 1995) is a London based Artist. Graham's practice explores space, identity, memory, history and placement through print and sculpture. Graham’s work plays with the boundaries of personal and public space, particularly the urban and domestic. By drawing on her upbringing and surroundings, childhood memory and post-conflict Northern Irish identity she exposes emotion around identity, division and displacement.

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Haroun Hayward

Haroun Hayward lives and works in London. He holds an MFA from Goldsmiths University and BA in Fine Art Painting from Brighton University, following an exchange stay at the Nagoya University of Arts in Japan. His work is inspired from the 90’s acid house iconography, in juxtaposition with the classical world, in exploring the relationship between ancient and contemporary forms of ritualistic ecstasy. His recent is based on a research into rhythm and pattern in textiles and the relation to rhythm and pattern in electronic music. He has shown in various group shows including at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Indigo+Madder Gallery, The Wellington Club and The Drawing Room.

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Vassiliki Koukou

In her artwork Vassiliki Koukou uses abstraction and surrealist representation to invoke a sense of the mythical and the magical. Her sculptures appear often as amalgamations between talismanic objects and wooden toys inspiring a sense of playfulness. In this contributes further the use of a vibrant colour palette and the figurative, human-like features of her sculptures. The use of the line and flat colourations allow her to inherit a primitive matière which she then incorporates through assemblages and collages in her sculptures and paintings.

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Dimitris  Lambridis 

Dimitris Lambridis is a Greek filmmaker and photographer based in London, UK. Coming up through the lighting department, making a start in 2012 on large sets of TV Dramas, music videos and feature films, with the most notable being James Bond- Spectre, he has worked on various films that had great festival runs, such as Academy Award nominee for Best Short Documentary - “Blacksheep” Dir. Ed Perkins, and Sundance Best Short film, and BAFTA Best British Short film “Wren Boys” by Dir. Harry Lighton. 

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Lune82 is a Greek visual artist based in Athens. He studied Graphic Design in Athens (Greece) and started doing graffiti at 1998. Lune works at the fields of graffiti/Mural art, graphic design and tattoo art. His main focus is on custom lettering, typography, style writing and linear designs with clear forms influenced from optical and kinetic arts. He participated in many mural and graffiti festivals and exhibitions worldwide. His main interest is to apply his art and knowledge on skin through the art of tattooing and to continue to communicate with the viewer through his art on walls, canvases and other mediums.

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Fungai Marima

Fungai Marima’s work is based on the body as archive, the materiality of the body and its relationship to archiving. Often self reflective her work investigates themes of identity, displacement, memory and personal and collective trauma within contemporary culture.

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Katia Lyubavskaya

Katia Lyubavskaya is a Moscow-based artist, originally an architect, specialized mainly in objects and installations on the edge of art and design. Katia’s witty works have a very recognizable visual language and partly look like a meme or a joke, which is a modern way of transmitting information. Her pieces have been showcased in exhibitions in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and London, as well as published in many magazines such as Art Maze Magazine, Aesthetica Magazine, Infringe and others.

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Charoula Nikolaidou 

Charoula Nikolaidou is a visual artist based in Thessaloniki, Greece. She excelled with an Integrated Master’s degree 9,62/10 (Excellent) from Visual and Applied Arts of Aristotle University, in 2010. She has exhibited across Greece, Cyprus, London, Paris and Geneva. Her subjects are depicted in a fantastical, often dreamy tableaux, with vivid colors and semi-abstract figures with references to traditional figurative painting, both historic and contemporary. Through her artwork, she manifests the poetry of painting as a cathartic value against agony. Her work has been showcased extensively in private collections worldwide.

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George Petsikopoulos

George Petsikopoulos (b.1987 Athens, Greece) lives in London, where he works as a visual artist. His works have been showcased in Greece, UK, Germany and Monaco, in group and solo exhibitions. His body of work is multidisciplinary, stemming from the use of different techniques acquired through numerous apprenticeships. Since 2017 the artist has been researching and employing traditional textile crafts and natural dyeing techniques in his personal work. Inspired by African art, he captivates symbols of a cultural existence and untamed beauty, reflecting a past life of former glory.

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SOBER5083R is a visual artist based in Athens. His mechanical and formalistic style is heavily influenced by his experimentation with graphic design and studies in Electronics Engineering. SOBER5083R’s work revolves around concepts like data, bits, circuits, geometry, programming, computer architecture, brutalism and how they provoke or interact with human emotions. His visual ideas are manifested in various forms such as murals, engravings, stickers, prints and acrylic paintings.

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Natalia Triantafylli

Natalia Triantafylli is a Greek designer and maker based in London. She is currently pursuing her MA in Design Products in the Royal College of Art (class of 2021). With a background in design and ceramics her work is characterised by an animistic perspective towards the material world. Controversial schemas such as luxury, fetish and wonder are explored for their power to create gateways for imaginary worlds. She uses these constructions to point to the rarity of the mundane, concluding that there is no need for a new reality but for a fresh pair of eyes.

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Kleopatra Tsali

Kleopatra Tsali was born in Athens in 1995. In 2018 she graduated from the Department of Visual and Applied Arts of the University of Western Macedonia.  She is a member of the artist collective Threads of Patience, which takes on the artistic, social, ecological and historical relationship of man with fabric. She has taken part in collective exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Lately she is studying in the Postgraduate Program of Athens School of Fine Arts on Visual Arts.

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Jessie Yingying Gong

Having been born and raised in China before setting out to study and live in Europe; prompted in Jessie a lasting fascination with the topics of memory, identity, symbols and language. She is currently developing a series of works regarding the form, materialization and development of language. Jessie studied in London College of Communication in 2011, and Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam from 2012 to 2015. She has completed a residency at Swatch Art Peace Hotel and has been awarded Werkbijdrage Jong Talent from Mondriaan Fonds. Jessie is currently based between Shanghai and Amsterdam.

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Zhongjin Zhang

Zhongjin Zhang is a multidiscipline artist focusing on participatory art, sustainability, social innovation. He has been creating fish skin tanning workshops to enhance people’s conception about Intangible Cultural Heritage and craftsmanship in London, Beijing and Shanghai. He has worked with Beijing Institute of Fashion and Technology to deliver fish skin tanning workshops and online seminars on jewellery design, textile, and sustainable materials.

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