Alexandros Rokadakis


Wood, Marble, Iron pipe, Skateboard trucks and wheels
60 x 120 x 100 cm
23.6 x 47.2 x 39.4 in


About the work

The work is composed of “traumatised objects”. Marble skateboards and components from a deconstructed skatepark allude to something monumental. Used and destroyed skateboards create a form of history. No longer functional, in a status of decay, they survive as altered memories.
A series of objects traumatised by their previous existence/function. 

About the artist

Alexandros Rokadakis (b.1994 Athens, Greece) is an Athens-based artist that creates objects that question the notion of abandonment and past usage, involving an exploration of three dimensional space through different mediums. By combining sculpture, design and architecture, he creates narratives that negotiate the space between the functional and the nonfunctional. His works have been exhibited in the UAE Embassy, International Festival of Digital Arts and Tilt Platform, among others. 

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