Annie Riga

GAZER, 2021

High-fire stoneware clay 
32 x 39 x 22 cm
12.5 x 15.3 x 8.6 in


About the work

Inspired by myths and fiction literature, the work questions the way fiction may potentially point us towards more relational world views; the predominant classification system by which humans assume a dichotomised position over the rest of the natural world. Gazer is a half-animal, half-cat hybrid made of clay; the cat is a recurring character in the artist's work partially because of its distinct presence within the urban Athenian landscape, as well as because of its rich symbolic references to magic and the uncanny. 

About the artist

Annie Riga (1997) is a visual artist from Athens. She holds a Ba and an MFA in Fine Arts. Annie predominantly works between painting and ceramic sculpture, and often through her installations, she explores the linking points between sculptural and painterly materialities. Alternating between figurative and abstract forms, in her practice, Annie touches on the themes of ecological consciousness, fiction and dream imagery. Her work has been showcased in many exhibitions across the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Greece. 

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