Alexandros Alekidis


Oil on canvas
60 x 48 cm
23.6 x 18.9 in


About the work

In Stranger Things, two contradictory elements have been displayed by the artist in two noticeably different manners of painting. By combining those completely different techniques, (a detailed way of painting in contrast with a rough impasto gesture, almost abstract) the artist raises questions that concern the way “banal slapstick humor” is perceived today.


Oil on wood
38 x 47 cm
15 x 18.5 in


About the work

Untitled depicts a fragmented scene of thick smoke, symbolising a disaster. At the same time, a rotated storm-sign that bears a strictly literal language is displayed on the picture interfering in its realm, adding a sense of humour. The purpose of this combination of elements is to question both the use and significance of the notions of image and language.

About the artist

Alexandros Alekidis was born in 1988 in Athens, Greece, where he lives and works. He received an Integrated Master in Fine Arts from the Athens School of Fine Arts. He has participated in numerous exhibitions while his works are included in private collections. He is also the co-founder of ACHT! group, which presented two solo exhibitions in Athens and Thessaloniki.

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