Aliki Sitzoglou

FIGHT, 2022

Handmade carpets, steel, chains

120 x 60 x 30 cm


About the work

From the beginning of the world and during its creation, the impetuous energy and the fight among powers she was the one who created the universe and the planets, even how the life of living beings evolves. Fight is a driving force that allows life to continue. I am concerned with the metaphorical use of the word fight, which is related to overcoming difficulties and obstacles, It resembles a battlefield conflict and development of the ideal self.  Dedicated to the passions and desires that struggle to impose themselves, to the convenient one's delusions that make the world go round. How can a spirit finally set yourself free and who you really are when you are alone? 

About the artist

Aliki Sitzoglou was born in Thessaloniki, Greece lives and works in Bologna, Italy. Embroidery and mixed media with fabrics are the main features of her works. Memories from her childhood, the roots and places she was brought up, are a huge part of her artistic inspiration. Her relationship with the Greek civilization is particularly strong and meaningful. This feature can be easily found in her work, as there are a huge number of references to mythology, elements taken from traditional pieces of clothing, and also archetype symbols. Every piece of embroidery and figure of fabric in her work includes a story behind it, either personal or a story of the past.  

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