George Petsikopoulos


Mineral mud dye on tannin dyed mutumba tree bark strip with repairs

145 x 35 cm
53.1 x 17.7 in


About the work

Among a few interpretations, the Labyrinth beyond the ancient Greek myth itself, hides an allegory that describes a personal journey towards consciousness and self-awareness. Entering the Labyrinth and following a pathway inward to the very center of it, where Minotaur the half human beast dwells, who represents our primal instincts and behaviors. Self-healing is about accepting these feelings and desires and controlling them, one must realise it's animal side and be in peace with its nature. Metaphorically 'killing' the inner beast within us, before we follow the way back and exit the Labyrinth reborn, death and rebirth of our inner self.

About the artist

George Petsikopoulos (b.1987 Athens, Greece) lives in London, where he works as a visual artist. His works have been showcased in Greece, UK, Germany and Monaco, in group and solo exhibitions. The artist’s body of work is multidisciplinary, stemming from the use of different techniques acquired through numerous apprenticeships. Since 2017 the artist has been researching and employing traditional textile crafts and natural dyeing techniques in his personal work. Fascinated and intrigued by African art and highly valuing its unique aura; George Petsikopoulos attempts to captivate symbols of a cultural existence and untamed beauty, reflecting a past life of former glory.

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