Lefteris Delimpasis


3D animation
3 x 2 m (1920x1080 px)


About the work

The name of the work is inspired from the metaphorical concept "my mind is scrabble eggs". The omelette is a food where everyone can add their own ingredients and create personal combinations.
The strange nature of the internet, like its sheer volume, as well as its lack of boundaries and coherence, is similar to how this videos works. The idea of the unpredictable is something that arouses interest, while at the same time it raises questions not knowing what's going to happen next, putting the person in a state of alertness.

About the artist

Lefteris Delibasis is a digital artist that experiments with questions of the form and narrative techniques from the latest years of his studies.  The capabilities given by the digital world led him to present absurd and abnormal conditions, against reality and its rules, and to attribute the paradox to everyday life with a sense humour and irony. 

Instagram @teris.deli 
Website terisdelieng.weebly.com



Child of Difficulty


Athena Gronti

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