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About the work

This work is a meditation around the concepts of care and rests in regard to more than human agencies, processes, and rhythms. Contemporary understandings idealise the ecosystem as a single-entity caregiver, a mother, who offers care without requesting anything in return. “Wintering songs; Requies terrae” is an effort to imagine a space where this romanticised caring body can request its rest. Using the practice of lullabies as a resistance mechanism, the work speculates on a lullaby produced for and by the ecosystem, exorcising the noise and violence that is placed upon it. The fabricated lullaby takes inspiration and evolves on the basis of sounds produced by Earth, such as the sound of its magnetic field (recorded recently by NASA) and the recordings of its subterranean noises. 

About the workshop

Sunday 15 or Saturday 21 Jan 2023 | 12-3pm
TAF | The Art Foundation Normanou 5, Monastiraki 
Free admission 

Join us in an effort to examine and analyze traditional lullabies in relation to feminist struggles, ethnography, and semiotics. Through a creative manipulation we will create contemporary struggle cradle songs, casting out our pain and allowing space for our own needs to be heard while ultimately healing our individual and collective body.

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About the artist

Eirini Vlavianou (b. 1994, Athens) is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher. Taking inspiration from nonhuman organisms and communities, Vlavianou endeavors to re-establish the human experience into a beyond-species openness and care. By employing the principles of intake, transformation, and exchange, Vlavianou’s practice is a search for new mythologies that arise within ambiguity. She aims to revive and fabricate vibrant stories that accentuate the respect and awe towards anything elusive and intangible and change the perception of nature from a resource extraction medium to a sacred living organism that humans are only a part of.

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